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Saturday, February 04, 2006


I spent a bit of time today adding XML feeds to a site. I decided to only add Atom feeds, not RSS.

While a lot of people talk about RSS, it really seems to be a dead. Blogger stopped using it a while ago, in favor of the far-superior Atom format. Really the only group going nuts with RSS seems to be Apple, with iPhoto and iTunes, except that they're using it in non-standard ways. Worse, they use RSS to describe any sort of feed in Safari, making the casual user think that RSS is better, and more prolific than it is.

So should I spend a small amount of time and make my sites support one or more flavors of RSS? I can't think of a viable reason why I should.


At 11:37 PM, Anonymous Brandon said...

My understanding is that there are two camps on this issue. Blogger dumped RSS because they are the ones that created ATOM (or employed the person that created it) and swear by it. But RSS 2.0 is a somewhat recent version that people are optimistic about. My opinion is that it doesn't really matter. From an end-user's perspective, neither really has an advantage. And it's easy to output both, so I think the safest bet is just to provide both to cover a larger user-base.


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