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Sunday, January 01, 2006

1 Easy Payment and your Identity, Please...

Last night, a while after watching the ball drop into 2006, we saw a commercial for some CD set, that I can't remember the name of. It was by the same people that did Monster Ballads (Music Choice, I think, but their website gives an error message for Macs, and I'm not wasting my time finding a PC). It was another compilation of ballads, but more late 90s.

Anyway, the guy sitting next to me decides to order a copy, hopefully prompted by whatever he had been drinking, because it certainly didn't seem worth the $23.95 to me.

The first question they ask him is for a postal code. Sure, no problem. Then they ask for his Social Security Number! Not a credit card, not an address, but a SSN!

Fortunately, he was smart enough to flat-out refuse, saying something like There is no way reason you need my social security number. Music Choice was willing to lose a sale over this, which they did.

I wonder how many SSNs this company has collected from folks unaware that this is a major security problem. I was happy that everyone that I was with was angry with the request. Maybe we're a little more aware in 2006.


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