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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Beautiful Polymorphism

Aaron, Rob and I went down to the Snakes and Rubies event yesterday, and it was a fantastic time.

DHH's talk was the one I went to see, though I did walk away with a new respect for Django.

The beauty of RoR was front and center, and I was very excited about some of the new features just added yesterday. I was admiring the new has_many :through associations for polymorphic tagging (non-techs, I'm impressed if you're still with me...), and I wanted to cheer when it was all wrapped up into a acts_as_taggable association!

The tagging also impressed me, because I had just written a data model for a web-app that will extensively use tagging. I can't reveal it quite yet, but suffice it to say this post at 37signals has made us ramp up our timeline... Update: We have made the annoucement. Check out 7dots!


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