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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Drivers Wanted

Another successful site launch to report: Century Driving School. This one is a project with Aaron Schaap at Elevator Up. While half of my work is hidden in the back end, I did help with some fun front-end code.

Aaron designed a cool Location Finder that is the only site I can think of to use Google Maps as a design element, not just an fun feature. I coded up the map and the database hooks to tie it all together, and allow Century to easily add more sites in the future. Try clicking around the map, and going to one of the sites.

Aaron also has some info on his blog.


At 10:00 PM, Anonymous Aaron Schaap said...

Great work'in with ya on this project. I learned quite a bit myself (like don't expect IE to do even the simplest thing right).

At 11:12 PM, Blogger Rawfood said...

how about a "click for directions" link under the logo on the google maps button

At 11:41 PM, Blogger Sara said...


Thank you and have a lovely day. :)



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