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Friday, June 03, 2005

Ruby on Rails - Day 1 (sort of)

Last night was my first night with Ruby on Rails.

Well, not quite. A few days ago I installed everything I needed. A month or so ago, I briefly looked through a book on the Ruby language to get a handle on the syntax.

But last night was the first day. So what did I do? Not much. I watched their fun introductory videos, and read a lot about the Rails community. But did I code anything? Nope. I didn't even try.

Ruby is truly exciting me. Since playing with WebObject a few years ago, Rails is the first framework that truly seems smart and easy. Sure PHP is fine, and it is quick, but the elegance (and rapid development) Rails provides seems unparalleled. Really, PHP's ubiquity is about all it has going for it.

My goal now is to find enough time between projects to dive in to Rails. It is laid out so well (compared to PHP) that the hardest part will be unlearning my PHP skills.

Ready, set, go!


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