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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Bonaire Vacation - Day 5

The sun set today on our time in Bonaire. We have seen much of the island, eaten very well, and played hard. This isn't one of those vacations where you sit on the beach all day sipping pina coladas (though it could be). This is an active vacation with lots to see and do, and I much prefer it this way.

We had good wind today, so the morning was spent windsurfing. I had a little less luck than before, but it was still fun. Strangely, the entire bay was full of debris—mostly driftwood, a bit of garbage, and other miscellaneous floating objects. The locals seemed annoyed by it, so we assume it wasn't normal. It was so widespread that surfing became a touch harder. I would be sailing along at a decent clip, then get slowed down by three or more two-foot sticks hanging on my fins.

After lunch, we had our diving lesson. I must say that it was a lot easier than I anticipated. I had a little trouble at first getting my right ear to pressurize, but it soon fell in line. We got down to 40 feet, which I felt was deep for a first dive. The three of us must have been an accelerated class. Diving was great fun, and I'm sure I will do it again. Though Bonaire is well-known as a windsurfing destination, it is more well-known as a Diver's Paradise.

Tomorrow morning we fly back to Aruba, and have enough time for a long lunch at the airport before flying back to Chicago, by way of Charleston. It will be a tiring day of travel.


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