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Monday, June 13, 2005

Bonaire Vacation - Day 4

Today we had a few more missteps, but it turned into a good day. We got up early and almost missed our first destination of the day: A sailing and snorkeling tour. For a couple hours we sat on a beautiful sailboat and stopped for a bit of snorkeling at one point. At the end, fun turned to embarrassment when we didn't have enough cash to cover our trip. Between Carl and I, we would have been able to do it, but I had left my wallet in the room. We came within $5, but we felt pretty stupid.

While we were sailing, we had a good amount of wind, though it was changing directions a few times. By the time we disembarked, the wind was almost nonexistent. We called out to the surf shop, and they confirmed our suspicions: No wind. Instead, we walked through the downtown, shopping and sightseeing. We also bought tickets back to Aruba. So if all goes well, we'll get home as expected. We won't get to see any more of Aruba than the airport, but I think Bonaire more than makes up for it.

Today was our least active day, but the sail was fantastic. Tomorrow, we're getting up to look for more wind, and trying our hand at scuba diving.


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