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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Bonaire Vacation - Day 3

Today was a mix of surf and turf. We began the day with a missed triathlon that Carl wanted to do, but we didn't find a bike quick enough. He also slept late, so my Dad and I drove around for a bit, and went in the hotel pool. We also scheduled a scuba dive for later in the week. Then, snorkeling peaked our interest, so we bought some snorkel and went off the hotel's dock. I as amazed at the abundant sea life so close to shore. It felt like I jumped into Finding Nemo.

Lunch at Kon TikiFor lunch, we drove to Lac Bay, the windsurfing area, and ate at Kon Tiki, a great little resort on the lake. From there, we went to the surf shop, but the wind wasn't great, so we decided to drive around the island and snorkel. We went all around, from the salt pools on one end of the island, to the hills on the other end. We stopped at a number of snorkel sites and had a try. Quite a lot of fun.

View over GotomeerToday was the day I started driving, though don't tell the rental company. It actually proved to be a very good change. Other than a few problems with a sticky reverse, my dad was doing fine, but I seemed to have a better sense of island orientation. Also, it freed him up to decide where to go, and read about everything on the map. Strangely, this all turned out to make everyone a bit happier.


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