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Friday, June 10, 2005

Bonaire Vacation - Day 1

Wednesday night, my Dad bought tickets to Aruba. Random, I know.

Today (Friday) my Dad and my Brother Carl woke up at 5am and drove from Holland to Chicago. Not really believing me when I said it would definitely take 3 hours to get there, my traveling companions didn't move in any great hurry. Traffic going to O'Hare and car trouble didn't help anything, and we only made it to our plane because of a 30 minute delay. Once on the plane, we had a good flight and I was able to work most of the way.

Plane to BonaireUpon arrival in Aruba, we quickly decided to try to get to Bonaire, a nearby island, boasting the best Diving and Windsurfing in the world. So my dad blew most of the cash he brought with him booking a flight on the cash-only airline. We sat around the Aruba airport for an hour before flying on to Bonaire.

Flamingo AirportWe arrived at Bonaire's Flamingo Airport (the island is also home to large flocks of the bird) and rented a pickup. From there, we drove directly to the windsurfing areas. By this point it was after 6pm, so the surf shops were closed, but we got our bearings, and drove back to find a hotel. Eden Beach ResortWe ended up at the Eden Beach Resort, which while a little pricey, is very nice and right on the ocean.

We had BBQ at the resort, except for Carl who went for a run and missed out. We went out and got him a queso, and we all had ice cream.


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