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Monday, June 06, 2005

Apple x86? Nope.

There's a ton on speculation in the Mac community about Apple switching to Intel's x86 chips.

I just want to go on record saying that this is complete nonsense. Why? Nobody would switch to the x86 platform if they had the choice. Sure, it's a good family, and it's had a great run, but I'm sure even Intel and Microsoft would get off the x86 if they had the option. It has to support so many legacy instructions, that it is crippled. Intel is an amazing chipmaker, and they could do a lot better if they could start over.

Now, I'm not a chip designer, nor am I an expert, but it seems to be that I'd rather bet my company on a more modern chip (PowerPC or other). x86 is great, but it's aging quick.

So what are the real sources of this rumor? My guesses are either
  1. Some new product (iPod, wi-fi) using an Intel (non-x86) chip.
  2. Intel manufacturing PowerPC chips for Apple.
  3. Steve Jobs having a good laugh.
We'll see. Maybe I'm wrong, but I doubt it.

Update: Daring Fireball does a good job debunking too.

Update 2: Well, it turns out I'm wrong. That's fine. I set myself up for that. I have to assume the folks at Apple know more than I (well, duh). It just seems strange that while the entire gaming industry is moving to PowerPC, Apple would move to x86. Damn it, I hate little endian.


At 3:13 PM, Blogger the iPunk said...

It all feels a little funny. I think that I might harbor some strange sort of resentment against my first x86 PowerBook. Whatever. As long as its got an Apple logo on it, I'll probably be ok.


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