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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Designing the Future

If you've never heard of William McDonough or the ideas behind Sustainability, read this short article (Karen: it's from Newsweek, so you'll like it).

McDonough's ideas are phenomenal, and are finally starting to catch on. His book, Cradle to Cradle is also very good if you're interested in reading more. For those of you in Holland, he's the designer behind the Greenhouse Herman Miller factory on 16th Street, and the upcoming Grand Rapids Art Museum.

Correction: I was wrong about the GR Art Museum. Turns out their design was a finalist, but ultimately not selected. Thanks to Kyle Copas, from William McDonough + Partners for setting me straight!


At 6:19 PM, Anonymous Kyle Copas said...

Thanks for your comments on the Newsweek article, and for noting our design for the Grand Rapids Art Museum -- how'd you pick that up, anyway? However, our design was not the one that was selected.

Props to Kristin Richards' ArchNewsNow for
this recent update on the project.


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