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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

iPunk 2.0: The 'punk Returns

After having a number of Murphy's Law creative sessions, I'm happy to unveil the iPunk 2.0.

Jason and I figured out the design and I coded it up sporadically over the last few months. Here's the skinny: He's off of Blogger and on to a custom blog powered by b2evolution, the blog software with a lot of heart, and not enough PR.

The iPunk 2.0 is unfortunately a work-in-progress. We had trouble exporting from Blogger, so Jason is slowly uploading his old content. Some links don't work, and there will undoubtedly be more bells—possibly even whistles—in the near future. Check it out. I'm very happy with how it it turning out.


At 12:41 AM, Blogger the iPunk said...

From the iPunk...

Yes, it's been a long road. If I didn't have so many stinkin' "creative differences" with my web developer, maybe we'd be unveiling theiPunk.com 3.0. Just kidding. The C[I] crew (read: Dan) did an awesome job of coding and designing a nice little corner of the web for me to spew my worthless babble for all the world to read. It's been a fun journey (most of the time) and I've actually learned a bit. This B2e crap needs some work, but hey, if we can help out the underdog, I'm game.

So thanks to Daniel for heaps of hard work and a patient heart, no thanks to Blogger for making life difficult and here's to iP2.0. Let's hope it's a good ride.



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