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Sunday, February 06, 2005

High School Flashback

I'm spending a portion of the day installing Windows 98 on my Mac. Good old Virtual PC lets me do this, and I've found I need a PC around to test websites. I have been using friends or walking to the Library, but it hasn't been cutting it. I thought about getting an old PC to use, but in the interest of space, power, and karma, I decided that Virtual PC was the best option. Plus I already have a copy, and a Win98 CD.

Then I remembered how annoying Windows really is. First, it takes too long to install, though I'll give it a break for being emulated. Then I had install problems. The kind where it says it can't find some .dll file on the CD, even though its should be there. Then IE (the only program I want to run) decides to perform an illegal operation every time it opens.

So as I attempt a reinstall, I'm left wondering how many times I've installed Windows in my lifetime. Far too many, is the answer. I think of hours spent in the Server Room at Pickford High installing copy after copy of Windows. Yuck.


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