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Thursday, January 13, 2005

I hate JavaScript

Recently, when I'm not working, playing, or whatever else it is that I do, I have been playing around with b2Evolution, a great piece of blogging software.

I'm eventually going to move this site (and also probably the DPS and The iPunk) to this code and off of blogger to take advantage of some of their cool features.

As I've been playing I've also been writing. I put together a couple plugins for their code: a Blogger Import Plugin (the rationale should be obvious there) and a Creative Commons Plugin.

This doesn't mean anything to most people, I know.

I did get the joyful experience of working with JavaScript. JS is a really useful, and terribly annoying language. And thanks to the FireFox JS Debugger (with is actually a life-saver), I was treated to errors such as Error: Error can not be converted to a string. As if I wanted the stupid error at all, even as a string!


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