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Monday, January 31, 2005

FrontPage (still) sucks.

I'm sitting outside Chicago after and evening of website creative collaboration. KTB and I worked out a sweet upgrade to the Oyez Review site (not uploaded yet).

Over some Caribou Coffee (Note to Caribou: Nobody wants to pay for Wi-Fi), I played with FrontPage for the first time in a few years. It still sucks.

Allow me a few sentences of ranting...
<rant>I have never seen another program code as poorly as FrontPage. Between gratuitous <font> tags, invalid code nesting and a propensity to add absoulute URLs (long path referencing your hard drive rather than something like "../images/header.jpg") it is enough to make anyone crazy.

Then there's the funky options (shapes?) that are just silly...

And God forbid I try to add a DOCTYPE or XML directives... It will allow them, but won't help you any.

I don't want much in an editor. I don't use most features anyway. I really just want something that can nicely color my code so I can read it easier. Currently I use Dreamweaver, and occasionally Apple's Xcode, though Xcode doesn't handle the mixing of php and html as well as I'd like. I also like the built in, one-stop-shopping, FTP server in Dreamweaver, but its far from perfect.

Regardless, promise me, for your own sakes, that you will avoid FrontPage like the plague. Your browser will thank you.


At 11:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed! You know... normally, MS programs are at least all right... I'm quite happy with excel/word/access... and windows is good enough for me... I guess IE sucks... but anyway... FrontPage definately sucks...

Just today actually I put a form in FP at work... I use it basically to build tables and things cause it's the only editor we have... then I continue in notepad (cause of course FP gets real confused by this "code" stuff)... anyway... I decide to try adding a checkbox to figure out how to make it checked in HTML and it's adding all this stuff about some kind of webbot and all this crazy crap... I just shook my head... stupid Frontpage...


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