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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I'm am a Giant Rollercoaster!

I'm usullay not into the online quizzes, but this one was silly enough to mention, and its late at night and I'm bored.

What Disneyland Attraction are You? I am apparently Space Mountain. I'll take that.

Space MountainSpace Mountain: A thrilling rocket ride through the darkness of outer space! Futuristic and forward thinking, you have just enough 2001-esk elements without escaping Walt Disney's utopian vision for a brighter tomorrow. You represent speed, stealthness, and the promise of technology, while your Dick Dale surf guitar riff of a soundtrack makes you retro and mysterious, without being corny. Keep the lights low and avoid revealing too much, lest you ruin the show, you're only going 28 mph! Regardless of speed, you prove that in the vacuum in space, you CAN hear people scream!


At 1:46 AM, Blogger KTB said...

yeah space mountain. can we go back now?...


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