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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Kerry in Detroit

Yesterday I found myself in Detroit's Joe Louis Arena watching John Kerry give his second-to-last stump speech of the campaign. It was a great time! Emily and I drove over (Well, I drove. She slept.) and joined a large crowd of happy, excited, and motivated democrats and like-minded people.

The event started with former Gov. Jim Blanchard, followed by Senators Levin and Stabenow, Presidents of the UAW and Teamsters, Gov. Granholm, and a bunch of others whose names I am forgetting. Rev. Al Sharpton made a surprise appearance to deliver a prayer, and Stevie Wonder (with a bad cold) performed a couple songs.

Kerry gave a good positive speech. The crowd went wild. It was a good day in Detroit.

At the end, Emily suggested we go down and try to get in the crowd Kerry was working. I honestly didn't think we stood a chance of getting near, but I get pretty determined when I get in the mood. We made our way down, and got a good position about three bodies back from where Kerry would exit. I proceeded to lift emily up so she could me in position to shake hands. It worked, she got a good handshake, and we left happy!


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