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Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Last Wednesday night, I was driving around Holland with a couple girls in the car (see, life is good). Anyway, I was on Ottawa Beach Road, and a deer came out of the woods on a curve and sat on the hood of my Mazda. If I had not been driving somewhere near 40 miles per hour, this might have been more fun. Liz, in the front, got to see the deer go up, and down, landing in front of the car. None of us saw it until it made contact with my car.Front View

I immediately slammed on my breaks and the truck behind me did too. The guy from the truck dragged it off to the side of the road. I was trying to help, but the other two legs were still kicking a bit. Regardless, it was too hurt to get up. I moved my car off the road, and went into the Itty Bitty Bar, which was the closest thing open, to call the police. A few Hope guys were in there (I had class with one of them) and on hearing the news, they got excited to see it. They found a knife and slit its throat, putting it out of its misery. Probably a good thing.

Side ViewThese guys then proceeded to call a friend with a bigger knife. The friend came, and they field-dressed the doe and threw it in their pickup. We waited an hour and a half for the police, and they finally made it all legal. It made for a long night, but it was kinda fun. Emily came out to see them cutting. Liz had trouble sleeping.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I love maps

I'm a map nut. Give me a map and I'm as content as can be. Take me to a map store and I may never go home.

I've been looking at a lot of post-election maps, but some folks over at the University of Michigan have the best collection I have seen yet. They're just cool. Check them out!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I'm a Busy Bee!

5th post of the day! Holy crap! I can't believe myself.... maybe its the coffee.

As today is Election Day in the US, I am devoting some time to type out my vision for election reform. I have been thinking and talking about these ideas for a few months, so its about time I put them into writing. Maybe some of it will get posted today. We'll see how the caffeine treats me.

Happy voting!

Tragically Hip

Saturday, I was able to go to do something I have wanted to do for nearly 10 years.... see The Tragically Hip live.

Saturday, I went up to the Orbit Room in Grand Rapids to see the Hip play a great set to the loud, smokey, drunken crowd. They have been my favorite band since I started having a favorite band. Even though most people I know have not heard of them, they continue to be a Canadian icon. The setlist was pretty solid. I was hoping for a couple songs they didn't play, but was pleasantly surprise at a few they did. In all, it was a great time. The Hip do a fun live show and the crowd was obviously hard-core fans. Jeff and Kyle went with me and enjoyed it too, though they couldn't sing along.

Now I am trying to find a way to get their two CDs that I had but were stolen from me without having to pay again. I still have the cases, but never imported them into iTunes... shoot.

Kerry in Detroit

Yesterday I found myself in Detroit's Joe Louis Arena watching John Kerry give his second-to-last stump speech of the campaign. It was a great time! Emily and I drove over (Well, I drove. She slept.) and joined a large crowd of happy, excited, and motivated democrats and like-minded people.

The event started with former Gov. Jim Blanchard, followed by Senators Levin and Stabenow, Presidents of the UAW and Teamsters, Gov. Granholm, and a bunch of others whose names I am forgetting. Rev. Al Sharpton made a surprise appearance to deliver a prayer, and Stevie Wonder (with a bad cold) performed a couple songs.

Kerry gave a good positive speech. The crowd went wild. It was a good day in Detroit.

At the end, Emily suggested we go down and try to get in the crowd Kerry was working. I honestly didn't think we stood a chance of getting near, but I get pretty determined when I get in the mood. We made our way down, and got a good position about three bodies back from where Kerry would exit. I proceeded to lift emily up so she could me in position to shake hands. It worked, she got a good handshake, and we left happy!

For Dolores

"This should be the rallying cry of every church, synagogue, and mosque in America: God have mercy on us and our nation and help us out of our need! But he will do this only if we become active. Even if we vote for the wrong party, may every vote this November be seen as a prayer to God for his intervention and his will to be done. If we see our vote in this way, then we will be united as a nation as never before."

- Johann Christoph Arnold, author, social critic, and senior pastor of the Bruderhof - an international communal movement dedicated to a life of simplicity, service, sharing, and nonviolence.

Source: Bruderhof.com (and I stole it from the Sojourners' SojoMail)

Punditry & Predictions

I'm not much of a pundit, or even an expert in much of anything but nevertheless, I have decided to post my predictions for the electoral college voting. This way you can make fun of me if I'm way off. My magic number is 300. I know I'm going out on a limb here, but I have a gut feeling that Kerry will win decisively. We shall see.

Kerry: 300
Bush: 238
Nader: 0

I give Bush IA, MO, WV, VA, HI, AZ and Kerry gets MN, MI, WI, OH, PA, FL, NJ, NH, NM, WA, OR.

I feel strange about Hawaii going to Bush because it seems so strange, but that's how its tracking as of late. I'll throw it in as a red state to keep at an even 300.

Ok, there's my prediction. Feel free to comment.

Update: 4:14 PM
Popular vote prediction? This one I'm not sure of. I'd say Kerry should win by 2-6 points, but you never know. I would laugh if Bush won the popular vote, but I don't see that happening. One big factor will be turnout in solid blue and red states. If turnout is strong in those state as it will be in swing states, Kerry wins the popular vote.