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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

My New Apartment

"I made a fabulous dinner for us. Dinner music was the new Magnetic Fields CD I picked up. I left for a meeting after dinner but returned about 10pm. I just stood, staring, thinking how unbelievable it is to have my own apartment. My apartment and I are starting a long term relationship." - Matt Nickel
I am not as eloquent as Matt, but I did also move into a new apartment. Its a nice 2-bedroom place on 13th Street in Holland. I have a nice size place, a great porch, and space of my own. I set up my Piano in the living room, put some art on the walls, and it feels like home. Never mind the lack of a couch, cable TV, or a great bookshelf.

Eric, Jeff and Emily joined me for dinner on Monday and we were joined later by Ellen and Liz. As a restaurant critic said on the radio yesterday "I would rather have lousy food and have good friends with me, than eat great food alone". We had both good food and good friends. I'm thankful for that - what a wonderful way to start my relationship with my apartment.


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