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Monday, August 23, 2004

These Damn Conservatives Never Listen to Me

So maybe the reason I run into so many conservatives (moreover, people who think they're conservatives) that are stuck in their ways is that their brains are different.

A study by U.C.L.A researchers finds differences in the brain patters of Democrats and Republicans.

It shows, for example, that liberals are more likely to respond to human suffering and have a hard time rationalizing capital punishment or military force.

What I take from the article is that maybe the reason I find so many hard-headed conservatives, is that their brains simply don't respond the the social woes I care about.

I should note that the brain is shaped as more by experiences than genetics, so don't think that it is the divine plan that some folks are crazy neo-conservatives. Rather, it shows we need to educate our youth better. ;-)

Yes, I'm trying to get people riled up. You're welcome.


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