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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Something Lighter

Ok, after my last post, I needed something to lighten the mood. Here's a passage from a Wired Magazine article that will make you think. :) :) :)

"IM is my medium," Burton says with a laugh. "If I can get a girl to respond to my chat message, I'm golden." The trick, he confides, is to deploy certain "social hacks" in the instant message. "Like smiley-face optimization," he says. "You can say anything to a girl if you put a smiley face or a wink after it. I've said things like 'You should come over to my house and have sex with me. :) :) :)' and it's fine because they just think I'm joking. And then, more often than not, they'll come over and have sex with me!"


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