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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Musings from Home

My mom has a bumper sticker taped to the wall that says "If you're not outraged by now, you haven't been paying attention! Vote Bush/Cheney out!" This has been a dominant theme in my head for a while, but this week especially, I am struck by how deluded (uninformed) so many people are. If the electorate was really paying attention, this election would be a landslide.

The good news is that my book order shipped today, and Outfoxed is coming to theaters!

I know many of my friends are undecided voters (damn, i haven't been doing my job), so tell me why. Maybe the blog isn't the place to get the discussion going, but what are you unsure about? What concerns you?

I'm home for the week, visiting with family, friends, and working and relaxing in between. I find my thoughts are hard to keep in one spot. I can't concentrate like I usually can, even on news and current events. Hopefully I can collect my thoughts and keep looking for meaningful employment... yeah, that sounds fun!


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