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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Mangaled Morality

Continuing on my political theme of late...

I sat and read about half of my new book, and after spending 30 minutes looking for a passage, I realized I had been actually thinking of another bit of daily reading. The idea that caught my attention was our concept of "morals" in politics.

The passage: "An article in today's Denver Post also takes on the issue of a "religion gap" and outlines several trends that undercut this useful, but ultimately too simplistic, way of understanding the American electorate. Among these is a growing recognition that "moral issues" reach beyond abortion and gay marriage to topics like war and poverty"

Why have we lost sight of our moral purpose to support the little guy? Why do Haliburton and Enron get rewarded for screwing us over? Maybe it is because of this what I read in Garrison Keillor's book ..."One Republican columnist wrote that Democrats should give up opposing tax breaks for the rich because working people don't vote their self-interest, they vote their aspirations and are happy to give big gifts to rich people because they hope to become rich too." (emphasis added)

Holy cow! Could this actually be true? Have we so deluded ourselves that we have lost sight of what is really important? Family, faith, hard work, helping others... all gone. The same neo-conservative notions that are destroying our environment, wrecking our education system, and making us hated in the world. Wake up, America!


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