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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

In the coffee shop

I'm sitting in JPs, my favorite spot to "be", with my Howard Dean book sitting on the table next to my empty coffee mug, and reading the political news of the day on my powerbook.

I guess I was asking for trouble, which is fine because I have faith in my beliefs (both political and spiritual) and knowledge and strength to back them up. But what this woman just said to me has left me shaking.

I'm not sure why. I don't feel angry, hurt, or slighted. Not even frustrated or confused.

She saw my book and wondered what a nice young guy was reading. She asked "you're not a Democrat are you?" and her dismay was more than evident when I replied "absolutely." We argued very politely for about 5 minutes on the finer points of the Iraq war, and a spiritual President who believes that God sent him to into Iraq. I stressed that I believe Jesus is on the side of the poor and downtrodden, not the rich who give tax breaks to their friends, and who send our poor kids to die in a war when they are unwilling to make the same sacrifice.

In the end, and at multiple times throughout our debate, I was told that if I ask the Holy Spirit to speak to me, I will see why I'm wrong. She quoted Paul's writings (a bleeding-heart liberal if there ever was one) and tried to use it against me. The connection was clear as mud. Then I was told to listen to Pat Robertson, and that "it all depends on who you listen to". True. I listen to educated, worldly, and responsible people of faith.

As a Christian, I don't know how to respond. Maybe that's why I'm shaking. Maybe I should listen to the Holy Spirit and I'll become an ignorant, self-indulgant neo-conservative, who spits on the poor, middle class, and hard working free people everywhere. Maybe.


At 8:06 PM, Blogger Candice said...

I can't help but think that if you are a Christian, then you are more sad for the woman than angry. I believe in Bush sending our troops for the cause of liberty and freedom in a nation that was "raped" by it's dictator, per say. BUT I don't think that you are any less of a Christian because of your beliefs--and I don't think that just because I feel this way, that you should feel this way as well. IN HER defense, I think often times, when we, as people, who are passionate about something in particular--then we tend to exasturbate truth. Anyway, I'm rambling...but you mentioned not knowing how to answer her....there is a GREAT book by Donald Miller called, "Blue Like Jazz; Nonreligious thoughts on Spirituality." That book is just a guy talking about different topics that happened in life from an amazing perspective. I never recommend a book...but please read this one! Good luck to you!


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