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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The Westin

I post tonight from The Westin Hotel in Southfield, MI, home of the "Heavenly Bed".

Katie Budris and I are embarking on a crazy adventure to Pennsylvania, NYC, and upstate New York. We are visiting friends and family, hitting up a wedding, and having a ton of fun. The Westin stop was unexpected, but wonderful (and free!!!).

I am trying to work while on the road, but am finding problems motivating myself. I am working on the Hope College Orientation website, but progress is slow today. Big jobs loom ahead, so I don't really want to start anything. I am very content watching who has logged in today, and making sure everything is working ok. I made tea to keep me awake a little longer, but all I've done is create this. Things could be worse.

Once again I missed most of the DNC speeches tonight, but I read Howard Dean's and am now watching CNN. Its like actually watching the speeches, only stupider. As I begin my journey (both driving, and blogging), I am thinking about the role of progressives and 3rd parties in America. The recent debate between Dean and Nader has made me think. Check it out if you can!

Off to bed soon, and hitting the road after breakfast!


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